We have a true passion for soccer


McKinley Gardner and Laura Mabey have known each other for their entire lives. They both share a common interest in soccer. This love for soccer is what is what inspired them with their idea. And thus Socquet was born. 

Laura and McKinley are best friends. A few months ago they entered Young Entrepreneur Academy (YEA). They decided to start a business together loving the idea that they could invent something that makes someones day just a little bit better. 

Laura has always loved the idea of starting a business after watching her parents go to school and start their own successful businesses. In school, she has focused on taking marketing and business related courses to develop her own business expertise. She is in advanced classes including math and has demonstrated many leadership skills in the schools she has attended. Laura also enjoys music. She is in the top school choir, and also is in the top school band playing the euphonium. In her free time, she enjoys playing soccer, reading and doing recreational activities. Spending time with her family and friends are pastimes that Laura regularly enjoys.

From the time she was small, McKinley has excelled in performing in front of others. She has always loved to sing, act, and dance. She has been in two commercials; one of which was for the company Visa. McKinley also has a passion for storytelling and is now a National Storytelling Champion. She is a lover of music and art. She is part of the top choir in her school and plays the piano and the ukulele. Her hobbies include coding, spending time with her friends and family, drawing and painting, being outside, playing soccer, doing her sisters hair, and reading. McKinley has shown great leadership skills in her family and during youth group activities. She is the oldest of five children and takes on a big leadership role as being an example for them.