Soccer training just got 
way more fun!

Socquet is exactly what you need to take your 
game to the next level


Combining the passion of soccer with the backyard fun of Croquet - Socquet takes soccer training to a whole new level of fun. Training quality and enjoyment grows as players move the ball through various obstacles with a variety of game play. Soccer players will enjoy the challenge and the whole family can join in on the fun.

Socquet Standard Pack
  • 2 Goal Shaped wickets
  • 1 Size Three Soccer ball
  • 4 Basic Wickets
  • 2 Field Goals Wickets
  • 3 Circle Hoop Wickets
  • 1 Ricochet set

100% money back guarantee!

Product will be shipped in 6-8 months and you will be notified via email.   Thank you for your support of Socquet!   


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I love playing Socquet, and my coaches are blown away by how my game is improving.
— Josh Henderson, 15 yrs
I can’t believe how fun training has become. I hate when it’s time to put Socquet away.
— Jane White, 12 yrs
Mind-blowingly addicting. My friends and I spend hours challenging each other to see who can go faster with bigger tricks.
— Becca Chang, 16 yrs
My touch and accuracy has never been better. I seriously love this game!
— Rockwell Nathan, 18 yrs